No Stuart,… Thank you

My name is Stuart. I’m an Army vet , one who has a life of many ups and downs. One day I saw a junk removal truck by a house I was staying at. ( at that time I had been bouncing from one spot to the next ) I hadn’t actually slept on a bed in a while and saw that they might have one in the back of there truck ,. So I walked over and introduced myself and asked if I could purchase the bed they had , . Unfortunately it was only a twin , and was promised elsewhere anyways , but after talking awhile they pegged me for military and I them …….. Eye contact , stance, firm handshake , well mannered when need be and relaxed when warranted .  I knew it and they did too. After awhile with back and forth texting and phone calls . I was just getting off work when I was asked what size my room is ( I have gotten a place , amen……) and that not only were they coming to get me , but that they had a king size bed for me . I’m not much for the emotional stuff , however this simple act of kindness to another person from a brother vet , that has the means …. to a vet that has a NEED . Is simply the nicest thing to happen to me in a very long time . I am thankful , I am overjoyed . And I am reminded once again why I am so blessed even when things are tough….. , this is America,  protected by soldiers ( men and women) , even when our duty is done , it’s people like Greg and Tammy that make all the sacrifices I have made and  the struggles I go through…… mean so much more .

The simple act of kindness, means the most to me , ….thank you Greg.  Thank you Tammy .

I will sleep on a foam top , king size bed and it’s all bc of you and your kindness.

Rangers Lead The Way!

Our gratitude for the blessing of living in America is another thing we have in common with Stuart. Thank you for letting us help when we could.

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